You can celebrate the greatest parts of MMA

Give Your Favorite Fighters the Recognition They Deserve

Fighters are owed a small debt of appreciation. This comes in many forms. Money. Sponsors. Fame. However, recognizing the best is a centuries old tradition. Each village had a champion who fought for what they believed in. Today is no different. Fighters are your modern-day advocates. They represent the best, and sometimes worst, parts of you. To watch them chalk up a victory is a win for you and your village.

Giving fighters an awards night where the fans get to vote for their favorite, puts you, the fan, in control. It’s a chance to give your champion, yet another victory where you get to go into battle for their fighter. It’s a triumph the fighter didn’t have to get bruised to earn and the Fighters Only WMMA awards is the ultimate thank you from every fan to their hero.

Vote For What You Want to See More of in MMA

MMA might crown individual champions, but these are always team wins. Coaches. Gyms. Sponsors. Organizers. They get little recognition, even on the biggest stages. The World Mixed Martial Arts awards gives these unsung workhorses a chance to be recognized for their behind-the-scenes work. The act of recognizing excellence sets an industry standard for all the lesser-known elements that create a successful fighter.

It sets the bar higher and forces everyone else in the fight game to recognize the best practices so they can level up and take the sport to new heights. If you want the spectacle to get better, innovators will be rewarded. A fan-driven awards night is the spark that drives the teams behind these innovations, without it, the fight game would be stuck on airplane mode.

Get Your Independent Opinion Heard

Polarizing. It’s the word that best describes MMA. It defines the fans. The fighters. The results. It’s what makes it great. Opinions cause friction, debate, and loyalty. This is true not only for the fighters, but for all of MMA. However, with so many new fight organizations it’s vital to have an impartial referee looking after the octagon of the sport.

The World Mixed Martial Art Awards is the Switzerland and Herb Dean of the MMA industry. It makes the hard calls driven by the voting power of the fans. It’s you, the fan, who writes the history books by bowing heads in defeat and raising hands in victory. Without your democratic votes steering and objective MMA awards show, you may as well try to moisturize your face with a corn dog.

Help allows Mixed Martial Arts to Poke a Little Fun at Itself

Where else will you see Daniel Cormier sing “All About That Cake?” How can you get Henry Cejudo rap the words Cringe Ass Henry to a Cardi B beat? The only place is the World Mixed Martial Arts Awards. It’s the biggest stage where fighters get a chance to flex their funnier sides to show they’re not all work and no play.

The WMMA has become a tool for fighters to draw in fan engagement and promote their fights while pleasing sponsors. Fighters’ social media feeds are a place to do business and curate their serious side as a dedication to their craft. However, once a year, if they’re game they get a chance to create a skit that can live forever and clock up million views like DC fawning over his love of food. Talk about having your cake and eating it.

Unveil the True Fight Fans Who Are Part Of Your Tribe

Every fight has a few famous celebrities waving away in the crowd shots. Going to a live fight is one thing, but to see a celebrity turn up at the awards night means they consider themselves part of the industry. They want to immerse themselves in the MMA culture and get the chance to sink a few champaign flutes with their favorite fighters. Whether it’s Dolph Lundgren or Mike Tyson, those who give out the awards are showing the world which tribe they belong to, and when you tune in you become one of them.

Help Knock a Little Glamour and Personality Into MMA

The World MMA awards is MMA’s Oscars, filled with champaign corks, sleek suits, and flowing ball gowns. Fans get to see how fighters surmount new pressures like making a live acceptance speech in front of a jam-packed auditorium. For some, that can be tougher than copping a left hook. And for the athletes, who you’ll normally only ever see in sweatpants or smiling through bloodied teeth, it’s refreshing to see them scrub up and look like the millions their earning.

A formal awards night offers a chance to see their personality on display through their unique dress sense that’s always worth the price of admission. The rest of the year you can enjoy seeing them for the blood, sweat and torn ear athletes they truly are. For a few short hours, fans get to see their favorites looking like they’re ready to meet the queen. And see if they’re shy when speaking to girls.