The Fighters Only World MMA Awards will once again be sponsored by Bodybuilding.com, the planet’s biggest fitness website, when the seventh installment of the annual ceremony touches down in Las Vegas.And the number one brand in fitness advice and supplementation will also be joined by RDX, one of the planet’s fastest growing fight sports equipment and apparel manufacturers.The World MMA Awards returns to The Venetian Las Vegas on January 30th 2015.

About Fighters Only

Fighters Only was the world’s first mixed martial arts magazine and now produces domestic versions of its publication in the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Germany and South Africa. The UK edition is nearing its ninth anniversary and outsells any other combat sports magazine in its sector, while also exporting copies into a further 32 countries worldwide.

In December 2009, Fighters Only held the sport’s first live Oscars’-style awards ceremony in Las Vegas. The show was aired live via the internet and then nationally on US and Canadian television by Versus, and internationally in China, Brazil and on Scandinavian TV.

Fighters Only is also the publisher of the fitness industry’s most exciting new publication, TRAIN, which together with Fighters Only has its own iPad version and is available for download via iTunes.


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