MMA… roasted! Counting down the most popular Fighters Only World MMA Awards skits

Our famous World MMA Awards skits are as eagerly anticipated by some as the awards themselves. We’ve delved into the archive to compile the ultimate list of World MMA Awards skits, ranked by YouTube views. With more than five million views and counting, our skits have attracted attention around the world. But which is your favorite? Check them out here…

16. Miesha Tate’s Shopping Network (2022) – 1.5k views

Kicking off our list is Fighters Only’s answer to home shopping, as former UFC and Strikeforce champ Miesha Tate turns shopping channel presenter.

15. Din Thomas as Stephen A. Smith (2021) – 8.6k views

There isn’t too much Din Thomas can’t do, and the UFC vet-turned-coach-turned-analyst demonstrated that with his own spin on ESPN’s most notorious purveyor of hot takes. Would Mike Goldberg describe them as “virtually identical?” Nah. Din’s upper cuts are better…

14. Phil Davis & Dominick Cruz: ‘Domonite’ (2020) – 9.5k views

What do MMA champs Phil Davis and Dominick Cruz have in common with South Korean pop megastars BTS? Not a whole lot, to be honest. But, for one day, they were in lockstep as Davis and Cruz collaborated to take BTS hit “Dynamite” to a brand new audience in 2020… with one or two lyrical tweaks.

13. Dan Henderson: ‘My KO Pillow’ (2019) – 22k views

Dan Henderson has put more people to sleep than Dr. Seuss, and “Hendo” has parlayed his penchant for knockouts with the perfect product endorsement, the “My KO Pillow”. Some might say it was a sleeper hit…

12. Phil Davis: ‘Mr. Wonderful Body Wash’ (2013) – 32k views

Whenever Phil Davis isn’ wearing a t-shirt, the rest of the world starts to feel inadequate. But, even us mere mortals who don’t have physiques from the gods can smell nice and enjoy smooth skin, thanks to Phil’s “Mr. Wonderful Body Wash.”

11. Henry Cejudo: ‘Cringe Ass Henry’ (2020) – 47k views

From Cardi B to Henry C, the 2020 Fighters Only World MMA Awards saw “The King of Cringe” Henry Cejudo live up to his billing with his version of “WAP.”

10. Mike Pyle: ‘Live In Your Moment’ (2014) – 49k views

The man with the best mullet in MMA goes introspective as he sends up car ads with some interesting musings. The only things missing here are the answers…

9. Rashad Evans: ‘That’s My MMA Slow Jamz’ (2015) – 83k views

Rashad crushes it in this spoof CD compilation commercial as he goes back to the 90’s to share his “MMA Slow Jamz”. Don’t forget, these CDs aren’t available in any stores. Mail order only!

8. Mark Munoz: ‘Filipino Wrecking Ball’ (2013) – 144k views

Once seen, never unseen, “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” goes full Miley Cyrus for an unforgettable reworking of one of the most iconic pop videos in the last 20 years.

7. Wanderlei Silva: ‘What Does The Wand Say?’ (2013) – 183k views

In 2013, Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis had an unexpected hit with their viral dance video, “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)” Always with our fingers on the pulse of pop culture, we took it and improved it, with the “help” of World MMA Award-winner, MMA legend and all-round hero, Wanderlei Silva.

6. Johny Hendricks: ‘I Can’t Make The Weight’ (2015) – 199k views

Former UFC welterweight champ Johny Hendricks was one of the UFC’s very best at 170 pounds, but at times found the scale to be as tough an opponent as any he faced inside the Octagon as a planned bout with Tyron Woodley was scratched due to problems with his weight cut. Despite his occasional weigh-in woes, “Bigg Rigg” still kept his sense of humor, as he showcased brilliantly with his reworking of The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face”.

5. Urijah Faber: ‘My Butt Chin Can Twerk’ (2016) – 206k views

After seeing Hendricks nailing it with his cover of The Weeknd, Urijah Faber picked up the mantle the following year and gave us his spin on another track from The Weeknd, as he reworked “Starboy” to pay tribute to the most famous chin in MMA.

4. Ben Askren: ‘Baby Shark (Cover)’ (2019) – 231k views

Some videos are shared because people love them. Others are shared because they’re, well, ludicrous. But, as he’s proved on more than one occasion, Ben Askren is more than happy to make fun of himself in the name of entertainment. Donning a onesie and singing, “I’m Ben Shark, do doo, do do do do…” Ben launched himself into his personalized rendition of “Baby Shark.” No, we have no idea why he agreed to do doo, do do do do it, either.

3. Tyron Woodley and Randy Couture: ‘Old Town Road (Cover)’ (2019) – 234k views

Old school meets new school for a classic Fighters Only Awards moment as former welterweight champ Tyron Woodley and UFC Hall of Famer and two-division champ Randy Couture team up for a legendary remake of Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Old Town Road.” We here at FO might be a tad biased, but we think this version is better…

2. Ben Askren: ‘Hello (from the Askren Side)’ (2015) – 482k views

Okay, you might have only just stopped cringing from Ben Askren’s “Baby Shark” rendition earlier in this list. But fear not, this will cleanse the palate perfectly. For this one, aired at the 2015 Awards, Askren goes all deep and meaningful as he opens his heart to UFC president Dana White in his interpretation of the Adele smash hit, “Hello.”

1. Daniel Cormier: ‘All About That Cake’ (2014) – 3.7 million views

The standard by which all other Fighters Only World MMA Awards skits are judged, our undisputed, undefeated champion comes from the UFC Hall of Famer and double champ himself, Daniel Cormier. In 2014, “DC” took Meghan Trainor’s US Billboard number one “All About That Bass,” and made it his own, with a little assist from some cake… and fried chicken. It’s the most-watched video in Fighters Only history, it’s speeding toward the four-million-views mark, and it’s too good.